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Praia das Caravelas

Property ID: 2918
Address: Estrada Velha de Búzios, No. 12300 Búzios RJ 28950-000 Brazil 
Phone: 55 22/2633-0950

The beach of Caravelas gets our origins to choose the key lifestyle and art of entertaining in our homes, creating every moment, reasons to celebrate life. The Beach of Caravelas is an important historical site that between 1501 and 1504, Americo Vespucio landed in Buzios, leading the first expedition to the Brazilian coast known as "Inputs". Were anchored in Caravelas Beach, using it as a port for three years, where paved and met Brazilian land. Currently, the caravels Beach is located in the heart of the APA of Pau Brazil, surrounded by the State Park of the Costa del Sol, the impressive geography of the Brazilian coast exotic and incomparable beauty to other beaches of Buzios. The Beach Caravelas's mission is to keep preserving the nature of the surroundings, adopting sustainable practices, respecting the local culture and offering our guests moments of disconnect from the rush of day-to-day

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  • Check-In: 18:00
  • Check-Out: 12:00
  • Check-In Days: Friday (for 7-night stays)
Other Information:
  • Pet Information: No Pets. Please contact the resort directly regarding its ADA/general service animal policy.
  • Breakfast is not included.
  • Fees charged for some utilities.
  • In accordance with the Statute of Children and Adolescents, it is prohibited to arrive with children or adolescents to hotels without the parent’s authorization or supervision: It is required to present an identity document or birth certificate upon check in.
  • RCI and its related entities shall not have any liability related to individual resorts’ on-site COVID-19 testing (or absence of on-site COVID-19 testing).
  • Mandatory Fee for public services starting at R$90 per person, per week; it is not possible to split the cost.
  • The resort is located in an area of natural preservation, therefore services are modest and basic. Hotel has no pool
  • The resort's new name is Atapu Praia das Caravelas.